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Come Together

Come Together - The Beatles Cabaret


REPS THEATRE, Harare, Zimbabwe, July 2015


There was an explosion of melodies at Reps Theatre yesterday evening as the venue premiered Come Together- A Beatles Cabaret.

The cast which includes music sensation Kudzi Sevenzo, AneUnhu Gwatidzo, Alex Fairlie and Liza Maano Abulecia received scores of ovation at the end of every performance of the Beatles music. Without dialogue it is usually hard to understand let alone enjoy a theatre performance but the cast gave an electric performance that left revelers in awe.

They gave a breath of life to the music, fine tuning some of the melodies for a fresh enticement. The play is truly way better than four guys in bad wigs singing Beatles music but a heart-catching tale of love, hurt and redemption.

In an interview with Spike Lifestyle after a brilliant performance the cast shared their different excitements and experiences. Sevenzo said, “I really enjoyed my part in the show. I love music and acting but in not everyday I am able to do that at the same stage.”

The youthful AneUnhu Gwatidzo who was in his debut major role said, “This was way bigger than the chorus roles I usually have. I was anxious at first but I grew more confident and really enjoyed the show.” He is looking forward to the following shows.

For Farlie, a reputable actor who also sings with a band, Retrospect the show was, “refreshingly different from what I am used to”. He has been in several plays at the venue including Les Miserables- the Concert and Oliver.

Meanwhile, Liza Maano Abulencia, a singer and voice teacher who has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years, touring Asia and the US, the show was unique in its own way. “This is a bigger stage than other venues I have performed and I am used to play with an orchestra and live bands not back tracks,” she said.

Come Together is a celebration of Beatles music conceived and directed by James Carey (from United States) and is produced by Sue Bolt. It has been staged twice in the US but with a different cast. Kundai Marunya, Spiked (



Sweet music is the order of the day as the Beatles are in town. Alas, not the Beatles themselves, but their music. ‘Come Together - A Beatles Cabaret,’ is a musical play showing at the Reps Theatre. This production is one worth watching.

Zimbo Jam had a chance to watch the production and can safely say it was“awesome.”Directed by Americantheatre director, James Carey, this four cast production is a wonder to watch.KudziSevenzo, AneUnhuGwatidzo, Alex Fairlie and Liza Abuleciastaged an awesome and exhilarating show.

The performance has no dialogue, but since music is a universal language, one is drawn into the play as multiple senses and emotions are titillated throughout its entirety.

The show uses the music of the Beatles to tell the love story of two couples as they pass through first love, a break-up, then finally their reunionresulting in renewed love.

The performers made me feel as if they were communicating directly to me. It seems the rest of the audience felt the same way as every act was met with applause, reflecting the beauty and immortality of the Beatles music.

“This is a perfect example of a love story, a story that most of us went through, especially me.” These are the words of one lady, Anna Mashingaidze, who watched and enjoyed the show. 

The director deliberately chose seasoned musicians for the cast. This decisions paid off as the artists delivered a high quality performance.

If you are a music aficionado, or 70’s and 80’s fan, go to Reps Theatre and catch a theatrical interpretation of the Beatles music.

‘Come Together- A Beatles Cabaret’ is running from July 7 to 18, 2015.






Courtesy Attic Theatre

Having seen this show some time ago, it's good to report that a number of rough edges have been smoothed out, so that this cabaret-style tribute to the music of the Beatles returns in fine form. This go-round, instead of a bland backdrop, the stage is festooned with a colorful collage of posters from the group's albums and individual concerts. Also, in this version there are four actors (two men, two women) instead of six, which makes for a smoother run and less distraction. Some new songs have been added, but the bulk of the selections are the Beatles' popular love songs, which Marc Ginsburg, Betsy Hammer, Victoria Summer and John Szura sing with nary a missed note under James Carey's direction. What really makes this show is the laid-back, cabaret atmosphere, which was completely absent before. Also added are a few well-timed gags. The instrumental soundtrack has undergone a few tweaks as well -- it's a tad more conventional, but it makes for easy listening. Some highlights are "If I Fell," flawlessly rendered by Ginsburg; "Hello" and "Come Together" performed by the group; and "We Can Work it Out," sung by Szura. The Attic Theatre and Film Center, 5429 W. Washington Blvd., Mid-City; Fri.-Sat, 8 p.m., Sun., 3 p.m.; through Aug. 28. (Lovell Estell III)

LA Weekly - "...terrific...wonderful duets...impressively rendered songs"

LA Talk Radio Network - "This smash hit is sure to thrill audiences."

"Songs of love, loss, redemption and memory tell powerful stories..."

Neighborhood News - "Using a simple set, effective lighting and these brilliant songs,  the actors reveal all the different stages of love. Passionate entreaties, loving caress, teasing flirtations and mournful memories are served up in imaginative vignettes by a talented and appealing cast."